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Chapter published in „Game Studies“

While there is no shortage of interdisciplinary introductions to contemporary game studies (most notably, Egenfeldt-Nielsen/Smith/Tosca’s 2016 edition of Understanding Video Games, Sachs-Hombach/Thon’s 2015 German anthology Game Studies, or Wolf/Perron’s 2014 […]

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Respawn & Gamescom 2017

Working full-time in the games industry and still keeping in touch with academia can be quite challenging at times – especially when it comes to visiting conferences and other time-consuming endeavors. […]

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researching games BarCamp 2017

From its inception, game studies (and its European version in particular) has been struggling to constitute itself as an independent, interdisciplinary research field. Even today true institutional independence seems to be a rather optimistic vision – […]

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Chapter published in “Subjectivity across Media”

Narrative media allow for the production of subjective experience, and quite often this is accomplished by means of representing character subjectivity. Conversely, characters’ subjectivity can only be represented because media tap into recipients’ experience, […]

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Aufsatz zu Tech Demos erschienen

Obwohl computergenerierte 3D-Animation eine offensichtliche Schnittstelle von Animationsforschung, Game Studies und ‚klassischer‘ Filmwissenschaft darstellt, werden Computerspiele nur selten in der Animationsforschung diskutiert – und umgekehrt. Dies erscheint umso erstaunlicher, wenn man […]